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The book Whispers is the result of a two-year journey both of us enjoyed and enhanced our lives with many exciting experiences.

We wrote our poems individually and independent of each other with the goal to intermingle them and let the differences in style and topic become similarities and vice versa, thus creating our Poetic Symbiosis.


This book is proof of what poets can achieve in mind and spirit no matter the physical distance.

The result is an extraordinary collection of individual poems that all blend together, from Inceptions to Ineluctability and any stage in between.


Poetry is a very personal reflection of thoughts, emotions and feelings.

It shares with others how we feel, think and express ourselves.

To be able to achieve such between two poets from miles away and yet be able to incorporate individual emotions in one single book is truly amazing.


Our souls, emotions and feelings are clearly embedded in our poetry.

What is more important is that you, as the reader, find your meanings in your own time and space.


May all of you not only find the power and meaning of poetry, but may you also experience the journey this book represents and everything that is possible.


May our inspirations give rise to your colors.

And may our Whispers forever give rise to your new inspirations.



Philosophical thoughts and ideas have always been a part of the poetry of Nick Doms. Frequently these ideas were embedded in stand-alone poems and intertwined and commingled with other more simple reflections.


Throughout his writing career, the search for truth, values and standards has become more prevailing in his poetry and takes center stage in his latest poetry collection; I am, Ik ben, Ich Bin, Je suis – Philosophical Poetry in a Barrel.


In 2003 he published Inspirational for a Day as a collection of thoughts and ideas, which showed his interest in ancient and modern philosophy. The ideas were written in a very tangible and readable format for all to read.


His next publication in 2005, Colors, was a compilation of both simple thoughts interlaced with poems that showed his evolving philosophical writing style.


In I am, Ik ben, Ich Bin, Je suis, Nick Doms clearly reveals his quest for his heart and soul. His poetry is inspired by his ability to accept and celebrate his duality between soul and physical existence. He visualizes his perceptions, experiences and encounters from across the globe and blends them together in this compilation.

Nick Doms embraces his native Flanders as well as his travels around the world to express his philosophy on life, people, places and the world in general.


His two previous publications received accolades from the International Society of Poets and were awarded the outstanding achievement in poetry award in 2003, 2005 and 2006.



Colors is a compilation of poems, ideas and thoughts, inspired by natural surroundings, events, coincidences, friends and fellow poets.


The combination of whimsical and philosophical poems together with random, short thoughts and ideas make this book an everyday read and a piece of conversation among friends.


It will make people laugh, smile and think at the same time.


If you allow the words to speak for themselves, they will become an inspiration, the beginning of a dream and the start of self reflection. Such is the magic of art and poetry.


Welcome to the world of dreams.


Inspirational for a Day is a collection of poems and inspirations, written over the course of two years.

The author uses both the simplicity and complexity of our language to express feelings and thoughts by intertwining mystical and abstract ideas with realistic events and happenings.

His witty and sharp approach blends with a soft and sentimental touch, making each poem a pleasure to read.

Inspirational for a Day will evoke a multitude of thoughts and feelings and will make the reader smile, chuckle, laugh, think, and reflect at the same time.

Each inspiration will distract the reader from the daily grind of life and provide philosophical food for new thoughts, ideas and feelings.

The book allows the reader to digest one inspiration daily and to be transported for just a short time to a world we all know but forget to visit regularly: ourselves.

From Millionaires to Commoners

From Millionaires to Commoners