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From Millionaires to Commoners

The History of Jekyll Island State Park

When Nick Doms first saw Jekyll Island State Park in October 2014, it was love at first sight.

He was stunned to discover that all the history books suddenly ended with the demise of the island as a private retreat for wealthy families in the 1940s, as if there was nothing more to tell after Georgia acquired the land for a state park.

The multitude of hotels, motels, picnic areas, roads, and trails certainly did not appear spontaneously, as if by the waving of a magic wand, and yet no one had told the story of how the island has become a state park that everyone can enjoy.

The author took it upon himself to research the island’s story to learn about the people who designed, constructed, and managed the enormous transformation.

In this meticulously researched account, he tells the fascinating story of the island, sharing facts from history books, primary documents, and untold stories from locals who have lived on the land for several decades.

Discover how a private, secluded, and exclusive island came to be a state park with open and affordable access to everyone.


From Millionaires to Commoners

From Millionaires to Commoners